Stephanie Wright

Facial Acupuncture

Facial Enhance Cosmetic Acupuncture derives from Oriental Acupuncture systems that have been in use for centuries. Once the domain of the Courts and Elite of Asia to promote longevity and rejuvenation, Cosmetic Acupuncture is now finding a niche in modern times.

Balancing specific face and body points encourages vitality and harmony between the Mind and Body. Ultra-fine needles are skilfully placed directing flow through vital energetic pathways.

Benefits seen with Cosmetic Acupuncture include:

  • stimulation of natural collagen production
  • lifting and toning the facial muscles
  • softening the appearance of fine lines
  • reduces sagging jowls and helps eliminate puffiness
  • increase in circulation and energy flow encouraging a radiant complexion

Our face reflects our inner Essence, our emotional and physical wellbeing. Ageing gracefully with the joy of good health brings a presence of being that shines from within.

Acupuncture helps to redress internal imbalances, often expressed through such symptoms as:

  • fatigue
  • hormonal imbalances
  • poor sleep
  • digestive issues
  • pain and stress

These imbalances often show on our face as dark circles, puffy, tired dull looking skin

Combining specific body and facial points leaves you feeling and looking refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.


Cosmetic Acupuncture stimulates the skin to repair itself, rejuvenating and regenerating the cells to improve collagen production naturally.

Improvements can be observed after the first treatment.

The International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported the findings of a study of 300 people where 90% of participants perceived a marked decrease of facial wrinkles with firmer fuller feeling skin after just one treatment.

Significant improvements continue to become more noticeable after a series of treatments. 10 to 12 sessions is recommended.

It is completely up to you the Client to choose a few sessions leading up to a special occasion or have the benefit of regular treatments throughout the year. Whatever works best for your lifestyle.

Does it hurt?

The needles used for Acupuncture are very fine disposable needles. There is very little sensation when needled with them and only a mild stinging sensation may be experienced on some occasions. Clients often remark how relaxed they feel after treatments.

Stephanie is a highly skilled Practitioner and qualified in Facial Enhanced Cosmetic Acupuncture with over 30 years clinical experience.

What happens during a treatment

Before we proceed you will receive a health assessment and a discussion on facial areas you’d like to focus on and any questions you have regarding the procedure.

After cleansing your face, fine needles will be delicately placed in specific points on the facial muscles and body points. The needles are retained for around 20 minutes.

Once removed a combination of facial massage using high quality natural oils and jade roller techniques compliments the soothing relaxing experience.

Are there any contraindications

Facial Enhance Acupuncture is contraindicated in some circumstances.

These include some heart disorders, high blood pressure, people who have problems with bleeding, bruising or those taking blood thinning medication/supplement, Diabetes Mellitus.

Electro Acupuncture is not used in this Practice.

If you are experiencing a migraine, cold or Flu, an outbreak of cold sores or pregnant, treatments should be postponed.

Facial acupuncture treatment is usually very safe, and done with minimal discomfort. Very occasionally bruising may occur at the needle site.

Prices Duration Cost
Initial Consultation 15min free
Individual sessions 90min $130.00
5 Treatments paid in advance - 5% off 90min each $617.50
10 Treatments paid in advance - 10% off 90min each $1,170.00